Southern California

Program Overview

The Southern California Program has a broad mission to support projects in five areas: Arts and Culture, Civic and Community services, Early Childhood care and education, Health Care, and Pre-collegiate Education. Within these areas of interest, the Foundation seeks to promote the healthy development of children and youth, strengthen families, and enrich the lives of people in the region.

The Foundation prioritizes support for organizations that strengthen the resiliency of under-resourced communities in Los Angeles County.  We place a special emphasis on projects that focus on children and youth from low-income families and special needs populations, including the developmentally disabled, foster children, and homeless families.

The Foundation supports capital projects, expansion of programs that are promising or part of a larger effort, piloting new models, and systems change initiatives.  We award grants for projects that strategically address compelling issues and have the potential for significant impact on the target population, region, or field.  Please see our grant abstracts for examples of recently funded projects.

The Southern California Program’s process consists of an optional concept review, an application, and an invitation-only site visit.

Funding Guidelines

Please keep in mind the Southern California Program’s areas of interest and funding guidelines:

We Fund Projects That:

We Do Not Fund Projects that:

Grant Application Process

We strongly encourage eligible organizations to participate in the concept review process to receive feedback on project ideas prior to submitting an application.
Eligible organizations may submit an application for consideration by the Foundation.
We notify applicants if they are invited to host a site visit for Foundation staff.
After receiving the grant, the Grantee will provide annual reports on the progress of the grant to the Foundation.

Grant Cycle Timeline

The Foundation awards grants twice annually in June and December:

For the June grant cycle:

Concept Review (optional)
Application Deadline

Invite Notification

Invitation-Only Site Visit Phase

October 1 to
November 15 at 4:30pm (PT)

January 5* by
4:30 pm (PT)

By February 22
March to mid-April

For the December grant cycle:

Concept Review (optional)
Application Deadline

Invite Notification

Invitation-Only Site Visit Phase

April 15 to May 31 at 4:30pm (PT)

July 1* by
4:30 pm (PT)

By August 16

September to

*If the date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline is 4:30pm (PT) the following Monday.


The Foundation awards grants to organizations headquartered in Southern California.  The Foundation may also consider national or statewide organizations that have an independent affiliate, local chapter or office in Southern California for projects that benefit communities within Los Angeles County.


Organizations must provide:


If the Organization:


All tax-exempt documentation, audited financial statements and the Form 990 must be in the same, current and full name of the qualifying organization.

The management and fiscal condition of an institution is considered when reviewing an institution for eligibility.

The Parties to a grant agreement will agree it is deemed to have been entered into in the County of Los Angeles, State of California; and, California law will apply to the interpretation and enforcement of the grant provisions.


Please feel free to contact in advance to check eligibility and tax requirements.