Application Process

Concept Review


The Foundation’s semi-annual concept review process provides the opportunity for eligible organizations to receive feedback from Foundation staff on up to three project ideas.  While participation in the concept review is not a prerequisite for applying to the Southern California Program, we strongly encourage it. Please see the eligibility requirements section for more details or download the eligibility checklist.


The concept review process starts in the W. M. Keck Foundation online portal. The portal is open for this process during the following dates:

We allow one submission per organization per cycle. Foundation staff will respond within four weeks of receiving a concept paper.  Please see our full grant cycle timeline for more details about the grant cycle schedule.

Concept Guidelines

When preparing your submission, please keep in mind the Southern California Program’s areas of interest and refer to our funding guidelines. You may submit up to three single-page concept papers, each representing a separate project. The following details must be included for each proposed project:

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Eligible organizations may submit one application per grant cycle to the Southern California Program. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.

Early submissions are appreciated. We will send an email receipt confirming that the Foundation has received the application. At any point during the application process, an applicant may withdraw an application without prejudice to future requests.

The Foundation will notify applicants whether they are invited to the site visit phase. Please do not contact the Foundation to check on the status of an application.

Please see our full grant cycle timeline for more details about the grant cycle schedule.

Application Checklist

Application Instructions are available for download.

Items needed to apply (please see downloadable instructions for a detailed list of all requirements:

*All tax-exempt documentation and audited financial statements must be in the same, current, and full legal name of the qualifying organization. Please refer to the Foundation’s Eligibility Requirements

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Site Visit

(by invitation only)

After review of the completed application, the Foundation will notify the applicant whether or not they have been invited to a Site Visit. The Site Visit is by invitation only. All requested documents for this phase must be submitted by:

If either date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline is 4:30pm (PT) on the following Monday.  Site Visits will be conducted within two months of the above dates.  Please see our full grant cycle timeline for more details about the grant cycle schedule.

Consent to Grantee REsponsibilities

In choosing to participate in the site visit, applicants have consented, if the grant is awarded, to comply with the Grantee Responsibilities.


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