Current Grantees

Grant Reports

Grant reports offer the opportunity to learn from grantees’ successes and challenges and provide valuable context to refine Foundation grantmaking.

We require all grantees to submit annual progress reports.  Grantees must report on the agreed upon Project Deliverables received after the grant award notification.

The first report due date can be found in the grant award letter.  The full reporting schedule for the duration of the grant is included in the Project Deliverables documents.  Depending on the project the grant reporting schedule may differ from the table below.  Please contact the Foundation with any questions.

Reporting Schedule

Date of Grant Award

Report Period

Due Date

July 1 – June 30

July 31 at 4:30pm (PT) 

January 1 – December 31

January 31  at 4:30pm (PT) 

If the due date falls on a weekend, the deadline is extended to 4:30pm (PT) on the following Monday.

Grantee Portal

All grant reports must be submitted by the orginaztion’s Lead Development Contact through the online Grantee Portal.  Grantees will receive access to and instructions for completing the forms a minimum of eight weeks in advance of the due date via an email reminder.

To access reporting requirements, log into the Grantee Portal with the same email used to submit applications.  Then, click on the ‘Requirements’ tab located on the top left-hand corner.

Portal Access

To access the grant reporting portal

For technical assistance, please email

For all program related questions contact:

When to Contact the Foundation

Grantees are expected to contact the Foundation when implementation of the project is affected significantly by programmatic, staffing, or financial events:

Change in Scope or Key Personnel

Contact the Foundation immediately should the grantee:

Changes to the Approved Grant Budget

Grantees must acquire written Foundation approval before making alterations to the approved grant budget totaling 10% or more in any budget category.  A request may be submitted at any time during the course of the grant by the organization’s Lead Development Contact.  Email the amount(s) to be reallocated and an explanation for the changes to  At the Foundation’s request, grantees may be asked to fill out a Budget Reallocation Form.

No Cost Extensions

If project implementation is anticipated to extend beyond the Final Report due date, grantees must submit a request for a no cost extension through the organization’s Lead Development Contact.  Email a written justification, itemized spending plan for the grant balance, and a revised timetable to

For all program related questions contact:

Contingent Awards

If payment of a grant award is contingent on the grantee meeting conditions stipulated in the grant award letter, the grantee must submit a Contingency Update Letter every six months.  Once all conditions have been met, we will disburse the funds.

Contingency Update Letters are due at 4:30pm (PT) on May 1 and November 1. If either due date falls on a weekend, the deadline is extended to 4:30pm (PT) the following Monday.  Contingency Update Letters must be submitted through the Grantee Portal by the organization’s Lead Development Contact.

The letter must address the following points:

Grantee Responsibilities

Grantees consent to comply with the following requirements: