Southern California Program

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital

Health Care
Los Angeles, CA
June 2020

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital is a private, nonprofit safety net hospital providing care to the historically underserved community of South Los Angeles.  Its mission is to provide compassionate, collaborative, quality care, and to improve the health of the South Los Angeles community.  To that end, the hospital is creating an integrated healthcare delivery system, filling existing gaps to facilitate a full continuum of care for patients with complex chronic conditions.  The new MLK Community Medical Group is a crucial part of that vision.  To date, the multi-specialty medical group has a roster of 31full-time equivalents (FTEs) culturally competent specialists, which surpassed its business plan goal of recruiting 28 FTE physicians by June 30, 2020.  A Keck Foundation grant will help complete the last two years of the five-year launch plan for the medical group and support the hiring of physicians in family practice, geriatrics, and endocrinology for a total of 38 FTE physicians.  The medical group provides physicians with space, equipment, labs, technology, and administrative and financial support from the hospital, freeing doctors to focus on patients.  A team-based model that includes nurses, care coordinators, and allied health professionals offers support.  Increasing access to care for members of this historically underserved community is already improving patient health, lowering hospital re-admission rates and reducing the need for emergency department services among the medical group’s cohort of patients suffering from complex, chronic conditions.

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