Southern California Program

Harbor Community Clinic

Health Care
San Pedro, CA
December 2019

Harbor Community Clinic (HCC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center that provides primary and behavioral health care to over 6,000 low-income men, women, and children living in San Pedro, Wilmington, and parts of Long Beach.  Most of HCC’s service area is designated as medically underserved and health indicator scores are among the worst in Los Angeles County.  For example, the prevalence of childhood asthma in the service area is 20% compared with California at 15.3%.  A disproportionate 47% of HCC’s pediatric patients have been diagnosed with asthma.  To address the community’s unmet need for holistic care, HCC has embarked on a capital campaign to renovate and equip a second site that will allow it to expand pediatric services and provide dental care to patients of all ages for the first time.  A W. M. Keck Foundation grant will partially underwrite equipment costs.  The new, 7,880-square-foot facility will replace HCC’s existing 1,700-square-foot pediatric clinic located in the basement of a county facility.  There will be nine exam rooms, four more than in the current site; six dental chairs; a behavioral health room; and a respiratory therapy room for asthma treatments that will likely help prevent trips to the emergency room.  The additional space will allow HCC to grow from serving 1,500 to over 4,000 pediatric patients and increase annual visits four-fold to over 20,000 by the end of the second year of operations.  HCC’s overall goal is to demonstrably improve the health status of low-income children, and it will track performance indicators such as asthma care, preventive dental care, immunizations, and screening of body mass index with a follow-up plan as appropriate.

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