Southern California Program

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Los Angeles

Civic and Community
Los Angeles, CA
December 2018

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Los Angeles (Metro) was founded in 2015 to take over management of three struggling inner-city clubs (Watts/Willowbrook, Challengers, and the Nickerson Gardens public housing site), reopen the Bell Gardens club, and establish a new club at the Jordan Downs housing project.  During the start-up phase, facilities upgrades were made, senior staff members were hired to build out the management team, and community leaders were recruited to serve on the board.  Over the next two years, Metro plans to augment its 38-member program staff by phasing in the hiring of 23 additional full- and part-time employees.  A Keck grant will support the new director of programs and one site director.  This investment in staffing will allow consistency in program delivery and enable the creation of new programs at every Club.  At certain Club locations, recruiting talent to increase capacity will ensure higher success rates, while at other Clubs, a start-up investment in new program staff will be key to reaching more kids in need.  The goal is to reach 25% more kids at existing Clubs and for participants to consistently score in the top quartile on the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s National Youth Outcomes Initiative survey.

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