Southern California Program

Venice Family Clinic

Health Care
Venice, CA
December 2017

Ensemble Health is a partnership launched in 2015 that brought together four Los Angeles-based Federally Qualified Health Centers to explore opportunities for creating an integrated health care delivery system.  Members of the partnership are:  Eisner Health; Saban Community Clinic; South Bay Family Health Care; and Venice Family Clinic.  Collectively, these clinics serve 120,000 patients annually.  Ensemble’s goals are to collectively plan and implement complex internal projects to reduce costs, increase opportunities for successful implementation and improve the health status of each clinic’s patients and community.  Ensemble has executed a Joint Board Resolution and is working toward becoming a jointly governed nonprofit organization.  Over the next two years, Ensemble will finalize its corporate structure and governance, create an operations plan and budget and design and roll out projects in two priority areas:  telehealth and standardizing legal/contractual compliance.  Best practices will be shared and each center will implement changes to improve operations.  A W. M. Keck Foundation grant to Venice Family Clinic, which is serving as the fiscal agent, will support Ensemble Health’s first two staff positions to manage these initial activities.  In the long run, by establishing Ensemble Health as a separate nonprofit, the centers are laying the foundation for standardizing practices, streamlining operations and positioning themselves for sustainability in the face of potential cuts to the safety net.

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