Southern California Program


Civic and Community
Glendale, CA
December 2017

Too many Hispanic children in Los Angeles County’s foster care system are placed in homes where the language and culture are foreign to them.  Trauma upon trauma results.  Dedicated to the recruitment and retention of resource (foster) families, FosterAll (formerly Child S.H.A.R.E.) has launched the Hispanic Resource Project to address this issue.  FosterAll will target the recruitment of Hispanic families from its more than 100 volunteer-based Foster Care Programs in partnership with diverse faith groups.  To prepare interested families for the approval/certification and child placement process, FosterAll educates people about the foster care system and conducts in-home interviews and assessments, while volunteers from its faith partners provide important social supports to the families who decide to foster.  With more than 40 foster family agencies (FFA) throughout the county, each with its own training requirements, Spanish language capabilities and services, selecting an agency to work with can be confusing and time consuming for families.  Serving as a matchmaker, FosterAll streamlines the process by connecting prospective resource (foster) parents with the FFA that best suits their family’s needs.  As part of the Hispanic Resource Project, data will be collected to determine the most effective recruitment and support services required to secure and retain loving and caring families for this growing population of foster children.  A bilingual team of recruitment and support personnel will be expanded with a two-year grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation with the goal of recruiting 450 Hispanic families, 20% of whom will become approved/certified.

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