Southern California Program

Common Sense Media

Los Angeles, CA
December 2016

Common Sense Media is a national organization that has been working in Los Angeles since 2011 to provide families and schools with resources and training to promote digital citizenship and the informed use of digital content such as movies, video games and educational software.  In 2015, it launched Common Sense Latino, which provides culturally-relevant resources and tools, including blog posts, advice videos and ratings of media content, on its website.  In an effort to expand and deepen its services for low-income Latino families in Los Angeles, the agency will implement its Latino Outreach Program.  A two-year W. M. Keck Foundation grant will support a bilingual Latino program coordinator who will work with local community organizations and schools to provide Spanish language training workshops for parents and families on topics and issues related to digital media and technology.  Common Sense Media will begin by partnering with Abriendo Puertas, a research-based education program for Latino families with children ages zero to five and the Compton Unified School District’s Parent Center.  The agency will train 300 Abriendo Puertas’ facilitators who in turn will reach 7,000 families at 185 locations throughout Los Angeles.  Common Sense Media will also work with district administrators to develop and co-lead workshops that will reach at least 300 parents of school-age children attending Compton schools.  Additional partnerships will be developed over the course of the project with other school districts and grassroots organizations.

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