Southern California Program

Extraordinary Families

Civic and Community
Los Angeles, CA
December 2016

Extraordinary Families (EF) is a foster family, adoption and advocacy agency founded over two decades ago.  A two-year W. M. Keck Foundation grant is supporting a project to build EF’s capacity to recruit, support and retain a greater number of resource families committed to caring for children and youth, and especially teenagers, sibling sets and those with mental and behavioral health needs.  The project responds to a severe shortage of resource families to provide safe, nurturing, temporary or permanent homes to children removed from their families due to neglect or abuse.  Because every child deserves to grow up in a home environment, California recently enacted “Continuum of Care Reform” legislation (CCR), limiting the use of group homes, which currently house over 1,000 youth in Los Angeles County.  To address CCR and the growing need for more resource families to care for these youth, EF will hire a dedicated recruitment specialist, supplement its case management services with more intensive clinical support for resource families and apply for national accreditation.  The goal is to increase the pool of resource families willing and prepared to care for a high need youth to 25% of EF’s total pool of resource families.

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