Southern California Program

Long Beach Education Foudation

Early Childhood
Long Beach, CA
December 2016

A public-private partnership spearheaded by the Long Beach Unified School District is establishing Educare Los Angeles at Long Beach to provide holistic education and family support services to low-income infants, toddlers and preschoolers and their parents on the campus of the Clara Barton Elementary School.  The Educare model is a research-based, high quality approach to early childhood education that promotes children’s social, emotional and cognitive development while also focusing on parent development of job and life skill competencies.  The model’s core features include data utilization, embedded professional development, high quality teaching practices and intensive family engagement.  The education component is a full-day program that is provided year round.  Nationwide, there are 21 Educare Centers in 13 states and the District of Columbia serving 3,000 children and their families.  A W. M. Keck Foundation grant is supporting construction of the Educare Center, which will operate under a partnership agreement with the national Educare Learning Network, and enroll nearly 200 low-income children, including 72 infants and toddlers, each year.  The Center will also serve as a regional training hub and can be a catalyst for greater investments in young children’s education by demonstrating quality.

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