Southern California Program

P. S. Arts

Los Angeles, CA
December 2016

P. S. ARTS was established in 1991 to bring arts education to underserved public schools.  It recruits and trains professional artists to develop curriculum and teach classes during the school day and trains classroom teachers to integrate creative expression and the arts into core academic subjects.  A W. M. Keck Foundation grant is supporting P. S. ARTS’ new partnership with the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) to deepen student engagement in learning at three schools.  Over the next 30 months, P. S. Arts will expand its existing dance residency to serve 510 second through fifth graders at Warren Lane and La Tijera Elementary Schools.  A curriculum that thematically integrates science lessons with dance instruction will be co designed by teachers and instructors from P. S. ARTS and P. S. Science and piloted with 90 third grade students at Warren Lane and La Tijera Elementary Schools.  A theater elective will be offered to 60 students at La Tijera and Crozier Middle Schools and semiannual opportunities will be provided for parents and community members to participate in the arts.

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