Southern California Program

Penny Lane

Civic and Community
North Hills, CA
June 2016

Penny Lane is renovating its North Hollywood Family Center to create a one-stop hub for multiple services.  Once completed in August 2016, the Center will house the Foster Family and Adoption Agency, which has outgrown its current site in North Hills, the Mental Health Clinic, and the Parent Training Academy, which will provide training to more than 200 parents each year, impacting approximately 400 foster and adopted children and youth, ages 0-21 in the Antelope Valley, San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley.  Outpatient and school-based mental health clinicians will have designated work areas to serve over 125 clients receiving mental health services from this location.  Additionally, Department of Rehabilitation (Vocational Education) service staff will continue to provide services to over 70 transitional age youth.  Renovations will include more child and family friendly outdoor and indoor areas, visitation rooms, therapy rooms, program offices, a computer lab, the training center, and child waiting areas that will be conducive to providing after-school child care services and tutoring.  A grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation is supporting renovation of the main buildings, the adjacent training center, and surrounding outdoor areas.  Over time, the Parent Training Academy will offer training not only to those receiving Penny Lane services, but also to other parents in need of parenting and supportive services.

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