Southern California Program

Community Coalition

Los Angeles, CA
December 2014

Community Coalition has embarked on a capital campaign to purchase and renovate its headquarters to transform the space into a community center that captures the organization’s mission, impact, and vision for South Los Angeles.  The renovation will reflect the progress achieved in South LA over the past 24 years – achievements due in large part to Community Coalition’s work with over 4,500 African American and Latino residents and local government to improve the quality of life for South LA’s families.  After 20 years without any upgrades, the renovated building will include a large community room, high tech conference rooms, a volunteer center, and a new kitchen.  The newly configured facility will better accommodate the more than 400 people each week who are working together to strengthen education, health and human services.  The new space will exponentially increase the organization’s capacity to serve the community, and serve as an inspiring example of community-centered development in a neighborhood plagued by blight and neglect.

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