Southern California Program

Northeast Valley Health Corporation

San Fernando, CA
December 2014

The Northeast Valley Health Corporation (NEVHC) Pediatric Expansion of Dental Services (PEDS) Project will expand access to low-cost, quality and comprehensive oral health services for low-income and underserved, predominantly Latino youth six months to 18 years of age who reside in the northeast San Fernando Valley (SFV) of Los Angeles County.  In early 2015, NEVHC will open the new 5,300-square-foot San Fernando High School Teen Health Center (SFHS-THC) on the SFHS campus, which will contain four medical exam rooms (double the existing THC) and two dental operatories (a new service).  Additionally, by spring 2015, NEVHC will open a new six-operatory pediatric suite at the San Fernando Health Center (SFHC) Dental Clinic, doubling the number of operatories at this site to twelve.  W. M. Keck Foundation funds will be utilized to help purchase equipment for the eight new operatories as well as offset the start-up salaries of dental providers and assistants.  Nearly 1,100 additional pediatric patients will be served in 2015.

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