Southern California Program

The Southern California Program has a broad mission to support projects in five areas:  Arts and Culture, Civic and Community services, Early Childhood care and education, Health Care, and Pre-collegiate Education.  Within these areas of interest, the Foundation seeks to promote the healthy development of children and youth, strengthen families, and enrich the lives of people in the region.

Arts and Culture:  Promoting civic and cultural life through support of museums, performing arts organizations, and public media.  Providing opportunities for students to explore the visual and performing arts through support of in-school and out-of-school programs.

Civic and Community:  Meeting basic needs through support of social service organizations that address food insecurity and homelessness.  Helping children at risk of entering or already in the foster care or probation systems through funding for organizations focused on youth development, children’s rights, and family strengthening. 

Early Childhood:  Increasing access to quality early care and education programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  Providing timely intervention to address developmental delays and other risks through support of multiservice agencies and schools.

Health Care:  Expanding access to holistic, integrated health care by supporting federally qualified health centers.  Addressing the social determinants of health and adverse childhood experiences has also been a focus.

Precollegiate Education:  Increasing access to quality K-12 education through support of effective programs that meet the needs of the whole child.  Helping first-generation and low-income students navigate the college admissions process and graduate through support of college access and success programs.  Improving STEM instruction through teacher pipeline and training programs.  Providing opportunities for students to explore concepts and careers in STEM fields by supporting in-school and out-of-school programs.


The Southern California Program’s new application process and timeline for our June 2022 grant cycle is now live.  The portal for pre-application concept review will open on October 1st.  Please see the application process page for more information. 


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