Science and Engineering

Washington State University

James Brozik, Kerry Hipps
Pullman, WA
December 2017


Two researchers at Washington State University propose to develop techniques which will lay the foundation for the creation of advanced materials and molecular machines with chemical, mechanical, structural, and electronic properties designed and constructed at the atomic scale.  The team plans to write a chemical code onto a solid surface of metal complexes that can be transferred to a proto-replicator which will in turn create many exact copies of a self-replicating molecular machine with atomic-scale precision.  The resultant self-replicator will be designed to exponentially reproduce exact copies of itself from chemical feed stock resulting in very large quantities.  All proto- and self-replicating molecular machines will be designed a priori with the aid of single molecule stochastic kinetic and thermodynamic studies and the development of semi-empirical models used to predict optimal environmental conditions and reaction times.  The notion of creating unlimited quantities of a polymer with exactly the same length and exactly the same atomic sequence is nothing less than revolutionary.  The foundational knowledge gained here will allow future scientists and engineers to create new molecular scale tools and devices that will have enormous impact on our daily lives.

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