When to Contact

The Foundation encourages grantees to contact the appropriate program with any questions and concerns. 

Grantees must contact the Foundation during the course of the grant should significant programmatic or financial events affect their expected progress.  Examples include:


Changes in Scope or Key Personnel 

Contact the Foundation immediately should the grantee: 


Changes to the Approved Grant Budget 

A grantee must receive written Foundation approval before making alterations to the approved grant budget totaling 10% or more in any budget category. You may submit these requests at any time during the course of the grant through your institution's designated liaison.  Contact the appropriate program via email.  You will then receive an email notification that the Budget Reallocation Request form is active in your grantee portal.

Budget Reallocation Request forms must be submitted by the designated institutional liaison through the online grantee portal.  Budget Reallocation Request forms submitted through other personnel will not be accepted.  Instructions on how to share the contents of your requirement with Project Investigators or key personnel are included within the portal.  Please contact the Foundation with any questions.  


No Cost Extensions 

No cost extension requests must be submitted through your institution's designated liaison and may be approved at the discretion of Foundation staff.  Contact the appropriate program via email with a written justification, an itemized spending plan and a revised timetable. 




For technical assistance, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  For all program related questions, contact: