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Recent W. M. Keck Foundation Annual Reports may be reviewed online and downloaded in PDF format.



"At the Interface"

Our theme for this year's report is "interface" - the place at which independent and often unrelated systems meet and act on or communicate with each other.

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"Looking in On Nature"

This year's report highlights promising new technologies, instrumentation and methodologies being designed to study the natural world at entirely new levels.

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This year's report highlights our investments in education.  Since the Foundation's inception, we have made gifts totaling nearly $125 million to local institutions that promote quality education from early childhood through the college undergraduate level.  This report explores how the Foundation has invested in local schools and programs with grants that support diverse strategies to transform learning experiences.

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"60 Years (1954 - 2014)"

As we celebrate the W. M. Keck Foundation's 60th anniversary , we reflect on the growth of our grantmaking through six decades of furthering our founder's mission: to provide far-reaching benefits to humanity by funding high-risk, high-impact scientific endeavors.

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As we celebrate the W. M. Keck Foundation's 60th anniversary in 2014, this year's report shares accounts of past grants that exemplify the tremendous impact our grantees continue to make in diverse fields of science and medicine, in undergraduate education and in the Los Angeles community.

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To stimulate thinking about new high-risk, high-impact innovations in instrumentation, the W. M. Keck Foundation was pleased this year to support a multi-disciplinary workshop on Single Molecule Detection and Imaging. While we cannot share all of the energy and excitement of these two days in the pages that follow, we are happy to share highlights of several of our grantees' presentations here.

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Any great endeavor has to start at the beginning. It is the Keck Foundation's privilege to help facilitate the birth of such works. This year's report, "Origins", contains stories about several projects that address significant questions ranging from "How did the Universe and life begin?" to "how can we provide foster children with a new beginning?" These projects are still in their infancy, and it may be many years before they prove their true value.

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We believe that it is not enough to have a vision. We also believe it is important to measure, evaluate and learn from the Foundation's grant results. In “Currents”, we highlight a few of our recent grants that demonstrate the important grantmaking principles recommended to us during our recent program evaluations.

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In the past year, the Foundation through its Southern California Program, has sought to fund strategies that will help sustain organizations providing safety-net services. During the current economic situation, the survival of these organizations is vital so that people can continue to receive the basic services they need. “Community” shares the stories of several families who are benefiting from services provided by these organizations.

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Remembering the qualities valued by our founder, the Foundation continues to be committed to funding high-impact, bold and innovative projects. Our 2008 annual report, “Discovery”, highlights just a few of the important discoveries made recently by Keck-supported researchers, and presents exciting programs that foster curiosity and active learning at the undergraduate and pre-collegiate level.

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"Field Potential"

“Field Potential” reflects on W. M. Keck’s commitment to field work by looking at some of our grants from the ground up, illustrating just a few ways the Foundation has prospected for potentially transformative projects in the same regions where W. M. Keck prospected for oil many decades ago.

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"New Eyes"

Modeled after the 1999 roundtable discussions reported in our “Promising Directions” publication, the Foundation convened similar meetings in the spring of 2006. These conversations inspired us to focus on “New Eyes” as the theme for this year’s annual report. This report speaks to both new tools to visualize and synthesize data, and to new ways of seeing the data.

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"Prospecting for Promise"

“Prospecting for Promise” completes our series of reports highlighting the topics discussed in “Promising Directions.” Of all the areas we have covered over the past five years, the synthesis of the enormous amount of data now available and using those data to better understand nature’s complex systems has been described as the most challenging. This report introduces several research groups and organizations who are meeting this challenge and working to improve human life.

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